Website Hosting & Maintenance

We host your brand

I can’t protect your brand if you don’t protect your brand yourself

And your brand needs to be protected

Your website is your online calling card.

My goal is to make sure that everything works as it needs to when potential clients land there. Broken link? I’ve got you. Subscribe area not linked to your email service provider? I can fix that too. What ever your website woes are I’ve got your back!

WordPress Website Hosting & Maintenace for online business owners


on-going backend support to keep your website up to date and online when it matters most


keep your website safe and secure


the comfort of knowing your website is cared for

Imagine for a minute you're my hosting and maintenance client

  • You visit your website eager to share your new offer with a client and all of your images are…gone…missing and you don’t know what to do

  • Or like one of my clients, who logged into their website to write her next blog post and was taken to a 404 page instead. She emailed me asking if I could fix it and less than 24 hours later she was back in business. 

You don't have to worry, I've got you

When you're on a maintenance and hosting plan

I can quickly fix any problems and prevent big fires from ever happening. This ensures your website runs smoothly so you can continue to serve your clients, grow your business, and increase your income. Plus you can rest easy knowing your visual brand’s home is secure. 


It's one thing to have a gorgeous optimized website, but it also needs to look good on the back end.

I realized I love supporting other online business owners with their brands! But I also realized I wasn’t including this vital step in the process; the step that protects your website from downtime, hacking, spam comments and lost sales. 

That’s where I come in.

If you have questions book a call

What am I being protected from?



Lost sales

Lost credibility 

Loss of potential clients because your site was down…

Your monthly care plan ensures your website stays up-to-date and I carve out the time to look after you and protect your brand. 

Having a monthly WordPress maintenance plan ensures your website is secure and protected. And you need to protect your website to protect your brand!

Custom plans include hosting, maintenance & security, and there are plans that fit your needs

Basic protection and hosting starts at $100/month


And if you need more support and more of my magic I can do that too

The Basic package

includes everything to keep your website protected so it continues running in the background while you’re the face of your business 

The Standard Package

Everything in the Basic package + 30 minutes of monthly updates (images, copy, new page…)

The Ultimate Package

Everything in the Basic & Standard + priority service, email and Voxer access, and 45 minutes of monthly updates 

What is hosting?

Hosting is how your website exists on the internet. I use managed hosting, your site gets it’s own dedicated resources, this means no one’s site will interfere with your performance or security; it’s safe and sound! 

What is maintenance?

Everything that happens on the backend of your WordPress website to keep it running smoothly.

Including: Update WordPress Version, Plugin Updates, Daily Off-Site Backup of Full Website, Optimize the WordPress database, Theme updates, Plugin error fixes

Why do I need this?

Having an up to date WordPress website provides security and that’s protection you and your brand need. 

If you have questions about which package is best for you book a call

Hi, I'm Sheila!

I want to protect your brand while you sleep and while you’re awake taking care of the parts of your business that make you money. 

I’m passionate about protecting your brand because I’ve seen first hand the damage that can be done when your site isn’t protected. 

Let me host your brand and support you while you shine!

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