Meet your branding bestie

Hi, I’m Sheila.

What’s the only thing I love more than a barbacoa taco smothered in queso? 

Creating a full visual brand my clients can use and feel good about, of course! 

I create visual brands for online business owners that want to confidently show up for themselves and their business. 

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

It is, especially if by “me” you mean helpful emails about branding, strategy, & visibility 

A strategic visual brand

gives you permission to embrace your expertise, and since your vision is integral to your brand you’ll discover the entire design process is actually a full-circle experience of you giving yourself permission.

With the powerful combination of custom design, straightforward implementation, and ongoing support, I guide and encourage you to establish your expertise and fully express your unique self in your business.

Weekly tips to help you show up with confidence (no matter what your brand currently looks like!)