Hey hey! So glad you found me!

Hey business superstar, I see you over there

  • Showing up for you and your brand (but you want to have consistently branded stories so you look good as hell - like Lizzo!)
  • Connecting with leads (but how do you share your offer in a way that feels good?)
  • Posting to your feed (But you want your graphics to be so beautiful they #StopTheScroll, but how do you do that and stay on brand?)

Have you been trying to figure out Instagram Stories for your business?


Correct me if I’m wrong,

I’m guessing you’ve been going from place to place, door to door, one google search result after the other, yearning for the solution to figuring out how to use Instagram Stories.

You have finally been granted your wish, this is the place where I’ll make all of your Instagram Stories wishes come true.

Hi, I’m Sheila!

I help online business owners with Instagram stories and graphic design needs by creating beautifully branded done-for-you designs for your unique business.


I can’t wait to meet you and get to know all about you and your brand! I live in Austin and love tacos, queso, coffee, board games, wine, and wearing my cowboy boots with skirts!

I’m a little different from other graphic designers because when you work with me, not only will you love the end product, but I make sure your copy is on point too!



  • A glass of whiskey is far finer than a margarita (which is just trouble in a glass, I don’t care what the rest of Texas thinks)
  • There is no such thing as too much cheese, coffee, or spending too much time or money on learning new things
  • I believe that taking time away from your business is necessary (pro-tip delete your email, Facebook, and Instagram apps before you leave. You’re welcome!)
  • I believe a hug and chatting it out can solve all the problems of the world, and that scrolling on Instagram to decompress is A-Okay

A little about what I do and how we can work together. I come beside you and show you how to use Instagram stories to make connections, share your offer in a way that feels good, further that know, like trust factor everyone talks about and take control of how you show up online for your business.

And you can get back to running your business like the badass you are.

Let’s make some Insta magic together!