Behind every great first impression

Is an awesome graphic designer.

Hey business superstar

I see you over there, with your big ideas!

You’re brilliant at what you do and your business has immense potential for growth, but you’ve been holding yourself back and playing small because you don’t feel confident expressing your abilities. 

Raise your hand if any of this sounds like you:

If any of that sounds like you, hi. I’m here to support you.

Let’s build a cohesive visual brand that emphasizes the quality of your work, your unique personality, and your skills.


You need a brand that …

… all so you can confidentely embrace your expertise. 

By the way, I’m a little different from other brand designers. Not only do I explain every step of the process, I also take away all of the tech stress. You get the very best brand visuals, support, and implementation strategy (and I get to be your brand fairy godmother).

Oh, and I have these bad boys hanging in my office: 

  • BA in Psychology. I understand how people think about what they read and see a little better than your average gal
  • BS in Digital Technology and Culture. Think graphic design theory before all the social media excitement and algorithm struggles of today.
Kind words from past clients
Sheila is very easy to work with and values your time. She is very knowledgeable in areas of technology as well as the creative process. The results are definitely worth the investment. She helps her clients think through the branding process and truly wants the resulting brand to be the very best for her client.
Becky Ellis
Food and Recipe Blogger
Sheila made an intimidating process easy and broke down the steps to get there. I really enjoyed the creative process and the time she took to understand me. It was really fun seeing the ideas emerge and evolve to a final product I absolutely love.
ms. morristown
Micro influencer
Meet your branding bestie

Hi, I’m Sheila.

What’s the only thing I love more than a barbacoa taco smothered in queso? 

Creating a full visual brand my clients can use and feel good about, of course! 

I create visual brands for online business owners that want to confidently show up for themselves and their business. 

Coffee Is Just Better Iced (And Other Things I Stand For):

A glass of wine is far finer than a margarita (which is just trouble in a glass, I don’t care what the rest of Texas thinks)

Coffee is an absolute necessity. I’ll take mine iced, please

Board games are the best way to spend a Friday night. 

Learning new things even if the topic is uncomfortable is important

Diversity, equity, and inclusivity are always the right things to stand with and fight for

That taking time away from your business and social media is necessary 

Everything else

you (might) need to know about me

A (tiny) collection of Pet Peeves:

  • Public phone calls/arguments on speaker
  • And public typing with keystroke sounds enabled
  • Songs with horns or sirens
  • People who say “expresso” instead of espresso

Jobs I've had:

  • Restaurant owner
  • 911 dispatcher
  • Manager at an all women’s gym
  • Bed & Breakfast housekeeper
  • Retail department manager
  • Accounting/cash office for a major retailer
  • Library assistant
  • Mac Lab tutor

My Favorites


Chef salad

TV Binge

Reality game shows 

Celebrity crush

Bradley Cooper

Starbucks order

Tall iced Caramel Macchiato


Shawshank Redemption

The great debate

Notion is better than Airtable

Make a first impression they’ll never forget

Some of my fave family pics! These are old but oh so cute 😍

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