When you look like ...you get looked over

All design projects include:

  • Clear project timeline + expert project management
  • Creative direction throughout the entire process
  • Review + quick edit of your copy
  • Two rounds of revisions per design
  • Simple client review process
  • Overall design style will match your brand
  • Ready to upload final deliverables for your website or print

Branded PDF

This is the option you want if an ebook and a workbook had a baby! And it’s a unicorn! When you have tons of information but don’t want to overwhelm your clients with an ebook (think plain text). Great addition to webinar content, or as an email opt-in incentive. Up to 4 pages includes custom layout specific to your brand guidelines. Final Branded PDF will be single page format PDF.



eBook Cover Design + book formatting via Adobe InDesign not to exceed 15 pages. Final eBook will be single page format PDF.



3-4 Page custom workbook created in Adobe InDesign. This is a great addition to a webinar or course where your clients need a place for notes and to answer questions you have for them. Final deliverable will be single page format PDF.


Style Guide

Are all of your brand items spread all over the place? Your logo in one folder, when you need a color hex code you have to go hunting for it, and what is the name of that font…?

This will get you set up to work with me (or any other graphic designer in the future).

How it works

You’ll gather all of your brand items including:

  • Logo files
  • Typography (fonts)
  • Colors
  • Patterns

I’ll put all of this into a pdf so all of your branding is in one place.



When you work with a designer (web designer or graphic designer or even a social media manager) they will want (and need) this document.

It’s part of your brand foundation and keeps anyone who works with you and your brand on the same page.


Have an idea for something you’d like to create together? Head over to my contact page and fill out the form and tell me all about it.

Curious what it’s like to work with me? Read more about me and my process here.

Can’t wait to see what we’ll create together!