Gain visibility, momentum and ideal clients on Instagram

Figuring out Instagram with your biz isn't for the faint of heart.

You've been on the endless Google search, asking friends, looking up hashtags, buying that one-time fix everything course that will solve all of your problems...and it doesn't.

If you're wondering what to do next or identify with any of these problems—you're not alone. It's so common!

You’re struggling to grow your Instagram account

Writing content for your Instagram account is a mystery

You post to your feed and then … crickets

And OMG why are Instagram stories so hard?

Take the burden of constantly thinking about social media marketing off your plate

Meet me inside

The InstaBoost Lab

Get the clarity and live support you need with group coworking sessions that only meet twice a month—because that’s all you’ll need!

Here's what you'll get

Join the InstaBoost lab and finally get the support you need to show up consistently on Instagram

Instaboost Lab combines group content coworking sessions with Instagram stories support. We’ll work side-by-side twice a month so you can finally show up for your business.

Hey there, I'm Sheila

Instagram mentor, copywriter & graphic designer 

After years of being a graphic designer and never talking about my work, I finally found my voice through Instagram stories. 

My daily streak for posting to Instagram Stories is over two years and I can tell you from experience it takes practice to show up for yourself and your business. I always say Instagram is a long game. 

I have the degrees (psychology and graphic design) and experience but the thing that made the biggest difference was showing up consistently and talking about my offers. Can’t wait to show you how!


Bonus One

You'll learn how to get people to interact with your posts with bank of CTA’s and a training on how to use them

Bonus Two

I’ll tell you exactly which hashtags to use to grow your account and get your posts in front of new audiences so new people are seeing your content
PLUS you'll get a customizable spreadsheet to keep them organized

Bonus Three

Editable Instagram story templates - so your stories are creative and professional

This is for you if...

Even if you've...

…read all the books, tried all the courses or only got through half the course (been there!), Instaboost Lab can help you. 

The 1:1 format ensures the ideal support for creating your Instagram content, getting it scheduled and feedback from me on everything you’re posting. 

Why people love working with me

Sheila was a joy to work with, talking with her from the start was a comfortable experience where you could tell she really wanted to know you and learn more about your business and goals so she could provide the best insights. 

It’s hard to be everything to everyone in the online business world and Sheila makes it easy to be down to earth and connect on social with purpose, there is no judgment just another human that deeply seeks connection and understanding.

– KRISTEN ARNOLD, Solopreneurs Inner Circle

Let me be your Insta BFF

In our twice monthly sessions I come alongside you and show you how to use Instagram to make connections, and share your offer in a way that feels good. 

Working with me you’ll further that know, like trust factor everyone talks about and take control of how you show up online for your business.

Do you have questions?

I’m here to help. Just shoot me over any questions you may have at

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a month by month commitment, you can cancel any time.

Once you enroll you’ll immediately gain access to several resources and due to the digital nature of part of this offer there are no refunds.

Each of the two monthly sessions are 90 minutes each. 

We meet on the first and third Thursday of the month at 6 pm CST. 

On Zoom! 

  • Two coworking sessions that last 90 minutes each where you can ask questions and have focused time to create on-brand content with time set aside for feedback
  • Ideal client worksheet 
  • Content buckets worksheet so you’re ready to create during our sessions
  • A bank of CTA’s to use in your captions, emails, blog posts, Instagram stories
  • Hashtags + customizable spreadsheet
  • Instagram story prompts

It’s just $59/month! And includes 2 coworking sessions each month + all the templates and worksheets to create your content with ease. 

When it becomes apparent. 😂

Join the InstaBoost lab and finally get clarity to show up consistently on Instagram

InstaBoost Lab is a group content coworking sessions and Instagram stories support combined. Where we’ll work side-by-side twice a month so you can get INSTA GROWTH.


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