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Sheila’s creativity and attention to detail did not go unnoticed by me. She created the exact vision of what I was looking for. The result of what she created for me was not only exciting for me, but others in my community and they could immediately see how these tied into my brand perfectly. 

She has the best energy, was so easy to communicate with, her process was super smooth, and easy to get these GIFs done and the turn-around time was so fast!

The process was incredibly simple to follow thanks to the amazing systems that were put in place. 

The sign of a real professional is how seamless they make the process for the client and Sheila nailed it! I knew exactly what I needed to do to keep the project on track and deliver the items she needed to work her genius.

Sheila is always such a pleasure to work with. She makes the whole process fun and exciting. Her instructions were easy to follow and I was Giphy verified within 24hrs of receiving her deliverables. 

Having my very own branded gifs that I can easily add to my Instagram Stories is going to make it more fun to show up every day and I can spend less time searching for the perfect gif. I might just be addicted to gifs now. Unexpected bonus…having my very own gifs boosted my digital street cred with my tween.

It was a fun and fast process to get something that I had been wanting to do for a while now. Sheila made it so easy.

Wanna see more GIFs?

Glad you asked. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can create you simple text based logo or you can have another text sticker, your choice. 

Emails, texts, Facebook comments and Messenger, Instagram Stories, DMs, and anywhere else you can think of adding a pop of fun + your personality into your brand and client experience. 

I’ll create your GIFs, give you peek so we can both ooooooh and aaaaaah over how dang cute they are, and then I’ll upload them to your brand new GIPHY account and send over your training plus log in information. 

At least 5 branded GIFs in your account, a custom url and matching email address. 

RIGHT AWAY! I’ll include a training on how to use them immediately from your phone. Once you’re verified everyone can use them too!  

Think of GIFs as another layer in your brand and overall brand experience. Why use someone else gifs when you could use your own? Plus you’ll tell your communities about your gifs and tell them  how they can use them too! 

Think catch phrases and inside jokes! 

Yay! I’m excited too! Typically in less than 2 weeks you’ll have your GIFs in your account and ready to go!

Well, I do have over 49 million GIPHY views so I know a thing or two about getting your GIFs seen. 

Plus I’m a graphic designer so I’ll make sure everything stays on brand.

I’m ready and bringing a dose of fun! Let’s do this!

Still have questions? Let’s chat more!

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