If you're looking for a fun addition to your brand

Hi, I'm Sheila, I create digital avatars in the likeness of you just like these!

What if you could...

Have one more thing to tie your brand together…seamlessly and effortlessly?


This is a fun addition to any brand and a great way to show your personality! This is perfect for furthering your personal brand on the internet and another way for your clients to connect with you. 


Social Media avatars

Here's what you'll get
Five images optimized for social viewing.

jpg + png​

jpg + png​

Instagram Story Template

I want to have more fun with Instagram Stories

Let’s get started on yours today!

  • Several body types
  • Skin and eye color
  • Formal and casual outfits


other Ways to use your avatars

Pinterest Image

Instagram Story 

Freebie Image

Hey, I'm Sheila!

I’m an Instagram Mentor and I help you create Instagram Stories that bring all the boys to the yard. 

I love all things Instagram and creating fun ways to connect with your audience!

Let’s make some magic together!

OK! sold! I need to add this to my collection!

Get the introductory pricing!

Your avatar will be in the likeness of you. Every effort is made to replicate your features, vibe and overall style so the final product embodies the essence of you in a playful way.

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